4 Fun Campground Golf Cart Games

Golf carts are a useful and fun vehicle to utilize at a campground but beyond their practical purposes, they can also be fun to use in games. Here are 4 golf cart games for hours of enjoyment.

Golf Cart Games

Safety First

Before we get to the games something has to be said about safety when using golf carts in games. Golf carts should always be used in a safe manner by keeping speed and recklessness out of the equation. The golf carts should mostly be used as a vehicle to transport participants from one location to another for the purpose of the game at a responsible speed.

Campgrounds should consider the liability of using golf carts in games and take the necessary steps to ensure they are covered and the participants are as safe as possible.

Golf Cart Decorating Contest and Parade

Set a parade date and let the fun begin, and this is one the kids can really have fun with! Camping families will enjoy putting their creative side on display as they come up with all kinds of unique and entertaining golf cart decorations.

When the golf carts start lining up for the parade there will be tons of silliness and laughter. People will make their predictions on who did the best at decorating their golf cart and who will win the contest. When there is a panel of judges and a prize at the end it will make the event all that more enjoyable.

As an added piece of fun, you can encourage the participants to dress up in costumes to go along with their golf decorations contributing to the entertainment and laughter.

Golf Cart Rodeo

Set up a simple obstacle course, blindfold the driver and let them operate by a passenger’s instructions and watch the craziness unfold. Obviously, there is a level of danger in this game so precautions need to be taken, but when done safely it can be a lot of fun.

A suggestion that can make this game safer is to judge a winner not by how fast they go through the course but rather by how few obstacles (cones or large balloons) they hit. This will make the drivers take their time and listen carefully to the instructions.

You may even consider having participants wear helmets and other safety equipment as they compete just in case someone falls from the golf cart. Nothing can end the fun as quickly as an injury.

Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt

This can be huge fun as you put together a list of things around a campground that participants in the scavenger hunt have to take a selfie next to on their phone. Each participant will get a list of clues for each item and then ready, set, go…

The first one that makes it back to a gathering location with a selfie picture with every item wins. It’s simple but it’s fun and there will be panic, laughter, and maybe crying (just kidding) everyone will have a blast.

family on golf cart

Golf Cart Poker Run

Often poker runs are set up as a fundraiser but they don’t have to be. They can simply be a way for campers to meet and mingle with one another and play a game at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Set up several locations throughout the campground where the participants can gather.
  • Hide a few playing cards in each location for the participants to find.
  • Once all participants arrive at each location let them hunt for a playing card.
  • As participants go from location to location and gather cards they try to make a winning poker hand.
  • At the last location, the poker hands are revealed and a winner is declared.

This can really help fellow campers get to know each other as they participate in the game and build friendships that can last a lifetime.


As you can see golf carts can bring a lot of fun to games as long as everyone is safe and responsible. So consider adding these games to your campground event itinerary and encourage friendships and laughter and make the camping experience even better.

Harold & Mary
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