10 Fun Rainy Day Camper Activities

Every camping family knows that it ain’t always warm and sunny when you’re at the campground. So what do you do on those days when the weather isn’t the best for outdoor activities but you still want to have fun at the campground?


Board Games

Perhaps an obvious rainy day activity but one that just has to be mentioned. What camper would be complete without being well stocked with an assortment of board games to play on such occasions?

Some of our favorites include Yahtzee, Jenga (I guess technically maybe not a board game), Parcheesi, Sorry, Game of Life, and the always entertaining “The Floor Is Lava“.

Gathering the family around a board game can be great for family bonding, lessons on sportsmanship, and provide hours of laughter. So make sure you have an assortment of games available to grab anytime the moment is right.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

There are a couple of ways to have an indoor scavenger hunt.

There is one that has a list of items with vague descriptions and the participants try to find something that best matches the description.

Example List:

Example Scavenger Hunt List

Another way to do a scavenger hunt is to spend some time writing out clues that lead to the next clue until finally finding the “Treasure”. This kind of scavenger hunt takes a little more prep and creativity but can be a tremendous amount of fun.

Card Games

This is another one that seems extremely obvious but it just has to be on the list. Card games can range from simple to complex and can be for children and adults alike.

The kids can participate in card games like “Go Fish” and “Matching Game” while the adults can play games like “Poker” and “Euchre”.

The beauty of card games as a rainy day activity is how versatile a simple deck of cards can be without taking up camper space.

Oh and if you don’t feel like playing a traditional card game you can always have fun trying to stack a card castle.

Card Castle

Art and Crafts Projects

This activity can go as far as your imagination can carry you. We like to get out the construction paper, glue stick, and stapler and cut out people, animals, and the occasional dinosaur, and accessorize with other cutouts.

Painting pet rocks is another fun arts and crafts activity. Really it can be anything that stretches the bounds of your family’s creativity.

Talent Contest

Sure to lead to laughter and maybe a little amazement, a talent contest can give an opportunity to test your hidden talents before a live audience. Sing, tell jokes, perform a magic trick, juggle, play an instrument, perform a scene from your favorite movie, and the list goes on and on.

Make a stage, take a few minutes to come up with your performance and prepare, and take turns showing off your talent. It is sure to be a hit and can provide lots of entertainment.

Talent Show Performance


Always a hit on a rainy day in the camper is a fun game of charades. It’s simple to play and tons of fun.

All you need to play is a timer, pen and paper, and something to draw slips of paper out of, and enough people to divide into two teams (minimum of four).

Each team needs to write down some phrases on a few slips of paper for the other team to act out. The person who has a turn randomly draws a slip and acts out using gestures and no words to try and get their team to guess the phrase within the allowed time frame (usually 3 minutes).

Pass The Story

A fun game with children, Pass The Story stretches the imagination and can be a lot of fun.

Get a ball and sit in a group facing inward. The person with the ball begins with “Once upon a time…” and passes the ball to whom they wish and that person and at least one sentence to the story before passing the ball to someone else.

In a group with plenty of wit and imagination, the story can go on for a while and get complex and entertaining, and usually very funny.

Write A Funny Story Book

This is actually a lot more fun than it may sound. Kids can come up with some pretty entertaining short stories.

You should encourage them to organize it to completion and have a story with an ending. You could also have them add their own illustrations throughout the story to bring the pages to life.

All you really need is pen and paper to accomplish this but it will be much more fun for them if it looks like a book when it is done.

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Put On A Puppet Show

Putting on a puppet show can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You could simply make some puppets out of socks, or bags, or draw on your hands.

You could however make creating the puppets as big as the show itself. Drawing, painting, sewing on button eyes, you could go just as far as you want to with this.

Make a stage area and then let the show begin.

Sock Puppet Show

Make A Movie

With today’s technology, this is an achievable rainy day activity. If you have a smartphone, a GoPro, or a laptop computer you can come up with a screenplay and act out the scenes and put together your very own movie.

Don’t worry parents, your kids can probably show you how to do this if it seems a little overwhelming or impossible.

Harold & Mary
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